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Review: The Book Eaters by Sunyi Dean

Hidden across England and Scotland live six old Book Eater families. The last of their lines, they exist on the fringes of society and subsist on a diet of stories and legends. Children are rare and their numbers have dwindled, so when Devon Fairweather's second child is born a dreaded Mind Eater - a perversion of her own kind, who consumes not stories but the minds and souls of humans - she flees before he can be turned into a weapon for the family... or worse. Living among humans and finding prey for her son, Devon seeks a cure for his hunger. But time is running out - for her family want her back, and with every soul her son consumes he loses a little more of himself...

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The Wandering Fire Read-Along: Week 3

Week 1: Chapters 1-6Week 2: Chapters 7-11 I can't believe we've already finished The Wandering Fire, book two in the Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay! Despite having read it over the course of a month, roughly, it feels like it's over in a flash! So much happened, and yet, not much has advanced? Idk,… Continue reading The Wandering Fire Read-Along: Week 3

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Review: The Wilderness Cure by Mo Wilde

Mo Wilde made a quiet but radical pledge: to live only off free, foraged food for an entire year. In a world disconnected from its roots, eating wild food is both culinary and healing, social and political. Ultimately, it is an act of love and community. Over the course of the year, using her expert knowledge of botany and mycology, Mo follows the seasons to find nutritious food from hundreds of species of plants, fungi and seaweeds. In the process she discovers an even deeper connection with the earth, and learns not only how to survive, but how to thrive, nourishing her body and mind.

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The Wandering Fire Read-Along: Week 2

Week One: Chapters 1 - 6 Another week means another post delving into the world of Guy Gavriel Kay's Fionavar Tapestry trilogy, and we are just over halfway through book two: The Wandering Fire. I am really loving it, and I think this series really benefits from being read in a group, because there are… Continue reading The Wandering Fire Read-Along: Week 2

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The Mid Year Check In 2022

It's almost mid-July (does time speed up as you get older? help!) and I wasn't actually going to do a mid-year check in, because I've been quiet and demotivated, and figured I'd missed the train on it, but if my dear friend BookForager can post hers this week, then so can I! And hopefully it'll… Continue reading The Mid Year Check In 2022

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The Wandering Fire Read-Along: Week 1

It's been a while, dear readers. My brain has had no blogging capacity since about mid-May, and though I managed to push through to the end of Wyrd and Wonder, I had to take a step back during June, and since then I've slowed my reading way down and actually started writing my own stuff… Continue reading The Wandering Fire Read-Along: Week 1

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Review: Against All Gods by Miles Cameron

A vibrant and powerful epic set against an alternate Bronze Age, this tale of gods, men and monsters, conspiracy and war, is a rich, compelling and original read from a master of the historical and fantasy genres. The people caught up in toils of the gods are merely trying to survive. Victims of vicious whims, trapped by their circumstances or pushed beyond what the mortal frame can bear, a handful of god-touched mortals - a scribe, a warlord, a dancer and a child - are about to be brought together in a conspiracy of their own. A conspiracy to reach the heavens, and take down the corrupt and aging gods… Who are already facing troubles of their own…

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Review: Never The Wind by Francesco Dimitri

1996 - Luca Saracino is thirteen and has been completely blind for eight months when his parents move to a Southern Italian farmhouse they dream of turning into a hotel. With his brother dropping out of university and the family reeling from Luca’s diagnosis, they are chasing dreams of rebirth and reinvention. As Luca tells his story without sight - experiencing the world solely through hearing, smell, taste and touch - he meets the dauntless Ada Guadalupi, who takes him out to explore the rocky fields and empty beaches. But Luca and Ada find they can’t escape the grudges that have lasted between their families for generations, or the gossiping of the town. And Luca is preyed upon by the feral Wanderer, who walks the vineyards of his home. As Luca's family starts to crack at the seams, Luca and Ada have to navigate new lands and old rivalries to uncover the truths spoken as whispers on the wind.

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It’s the final showcase: Wyrd & Wonder on Instagram

May has come and gone, and so another celebration of Wyrd and Wonder has come to an end. It's been incredible, especially as it was our first official year on instagram, and we got to see all the awesome photos you guys put together throughout the month! My co-host Annemieke of A Dance With Books… Continue reading It’s the final showcase: Wyrd & Wonder on Instagram


The Darkest Part of the Forest Readalong: Week Four

It's been a weird last week of May, so I'm getting to this later than I would like, but at last I am able to sit down and discuss my final thoughts on Holly Black's The Darkest Part of the Forest, which was one of our readalong titles for this year's Wyrd and Wonder! This week the questions were provided by Lisa at Dear Geek Place, who also hosted the readalong, and thank you so much for a great time! In this final section, all the showdowns happen, so let's get going, and please beware of spoilers!