Wyrd And Wonder

A Wyrd & Wonder Giveaway

We’re about halfway through Wyrd and Wonder (whaaaat? already?? help) and so I felt like it was the perfect time to treat you all to a giveaway! It is for the chance to win one of these two pairs of fantasy books:

The Children of Gods and Fighting Men by Shauna Lawless: Irish myth meets history and devious politics, with gods and men scheming to gain and hold power.

The Shadow of the Gods by John Gwynne: the first in a new series by the author of Malice set in a Norse-inspired world and full of magic, war, and blood.

The Symmetry of Stars by Alex Myers: a beautiful retelling of the Italian epic Orlando Furioso in which two immortal beings each choose a set of twins to guide and establish whether Nature or Nurture determine someone’s success.

The Near Witch by V.E. Schwab: a hardback edition of the author’s debut novel, which is haunting and full of magic, love, and mystery.

Here is all you need to know about the giveaway:

  • There will be two winners, one for each set of books.
  • As it’s a Wyrd & Wonder giveaway, participants must be signed up to the event and have posted something about it at least once – a blog post, instagram photos following the photo challenge, a tweet thread, or a video.
  • You can enter from anywhere in the world, as long as I can securely and reasonably get it shipped to you from the UK.
  • To enter, comment on this blog post and/or link to the post on twitter, tagging @wyrdandwonder and @queenzucchini so I’m sure to see it – in your comment or tweet, be sure to let me know which of the two pairs of books appeal to you!
  • Winners will be chosen by a random generator and then announced in a post and a tweet, and be asked for an email and postal address, ideally via a twitter DM and to be used only for this giveaway.
  • The give-away is running until the end of the month, and as I’m travelling that week winners will only be selected and announced on 4th June.
  • Upon being notified, the winner will be given 48 hours to respond. Should no response be made within this time, another winner will be selected.

That’s all folks! Good luck to all!


Witch by astromoali.Ā 

The gorgeous artwork has been licensed for use for this event online. You are welcome to use the banners on your Wyrd and Wonder posts, but please make no changes and always credit the artist(s).

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