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Wyrd & Wonder Quest Log: Week One

Home is behind, and the wonders of hundreds of fantastical worlds are ahead, but we cannot always be on the move. It’s time to take a break by the campfire, the galley, the tavern, or a mysterious cottage in the middle of the woods – it’s time, in essence, for our first weekly round up of Wyrd & Wonder 2023! Lisa over at Dear Geek Place will be covering your reviews, readalong posts, and other random treasures you’ve picked up along the way.

The Fellowship Grows

We may have set off, but that doesn’t mean the party can’t grow in size! A huge welcome to our newest companions: Beth of Beth’s Bookish Thoughts, Charlotte, of Charlotte’s Library, Maryam The Curious SFF Reader, Lex of Lexlingua, John of SciFi Mind, Nicole of Thoughts Stained With Ink, Mat of Tiny Elf Arcanist, Tanja of Where Stories Lie, Lorraine of Wordy Nebulas, and Miki of A Writing Soul’s Story. Also a belated welcome to Peat of Peat Long’s Blog who is such a staple of Wyrd & Wonder he forgot to sign up and we just assumed he was there! Here is your official welcome aboard!

You can still Sign Up, it’s never too late!

Setting Off

Some people like to be mysterious with their plans, but most of you were kind enough to at least point in the direction you’re headed in, so let’s see what everyone’s grand intentions are before the glimmer through the trees lead you off the path:

  • My plans here on The Book Nook are very loose, and I’m going with my moods as much as possible
  • Nicole of BookWyrm Knits is particularly excited about Annemieke’s The Bone Witch readalong
  • Annemieke of A Dance With Books is also focusing on readalongs, and trying to get on top of some ARCs (aren’t we all?). If you missed any W&W information, this is also a great post to find it!
  • Maryam The Curious SFF Reader is travelling and reading fantasy, and I can’t think of a better combination!
  • Lisa of Dear Geek Place is – as most of the hosts this year are – planning to mood read, and is particularly excited to be hosting the Howl’s Moving Castle readalong.
  • Sia of Every Book a Doorway is very excited about our magic theme, and has a very ambitious TBR!
  • The folk over at The Fantasy Hive have many plans, including a Literary Dinner Party and mine and the Book Forager’s Tag Team tag!
  • Celeste of A Literary Escape has an ambitious amount of ARCs on her list, and I am particularly jealous about Thomas D. Lee’s Perilous Times.
  • Calypte of LitteFrogScribbles is fully embracing the magic theme of this year’s event.
  • Athena of OneReadingNurse is focusing on the backlist TBR and hoping to mood read this month.
  • Starr of Pages & Procrastination has chosen a very witchy theme for the TBR this year.
  • Peat of Peat Long’s Blog is going in with no plans but full wind in his sails, and I love the chaotic energy!
  • Rebecca of Powder & Page has a nice balance of ARCs and mood reading for the month ahead.
  • Azrah of Quintessentially Bookish has a lot of review copies to dive into, and I have already added new books to my own TBR by those book cover alone…
  • Dina of SFF Book Reviews has dragons, magicians, and wandering clerics on her TBR.
  • Imyril of There’s Always Room for One More gives everyone a warm welcome and is aiming for mood reading more than strict plans (which means it’s easier to be tempted onto new books).
  • Anouk of Time for Tales and Tea is sticking to rereads this year, and I like that plan!
  • Natalie of Too Short to Read has organised her TBR by colour and I am in awe of so many stunning covers and tempting stories.
  • Tanja of Where Stories Lie is keeping things lowkey this year, and honestly I fully relate!
  • Janette of Witchy Reading‘s TBR includes The Daughters of Izdihar, which has been on my radar for a while now.
  • Miki of A Writing Soul’s Story has fantasy to read and fantasy to watch!

Lists Aplenty

We bloggers love a list, and you’ve already given us plenty, so don’t expect your TBRs to be safe for long!

Top Ten Tuesday

Lauren of Always Me | Nicole of BookWyrm Knits | Annemieke of A Dance With Books | Miki A Writing Soul’s Story

Top Five Tuesday

Peat of Peat Long’s Blog | Nicole of Witchy Reading | Zezee of Zezee With Books

Fantastic Fives: Magic Systems

Annemieke of A Dance With Books | The Fantasy Hive | Lexlingua | Peat of Peat Long’s Blog | Caitlin of Realms of My Mind | Dina of SFF Book Reviews | Imyril of There’s Always Room For One More | Janette of Witchy Reading

John of SciFi Mind also put together a list of Favourite Fantasy Characters.

Our daily prompts are also a great excuse to put together a bookish list!

Day 2 – Rewind: Heather of Based on a True Story | Peat of Peat Long’s Blog

Day 4 – Magic Location: Sia of Every Book a Doorway | Celeste of A Literary Escape | Peat of Peat Long’s Blog

Day 5 – Fae: Celeste of A Literary Escape | Peat of Peat Long’s Blog

Day 6 – Historical Fantasy: Celeste of A Literary Escape | Peat of Peat Long’s Blog | Imyril of There’s Always Room for One More | Anouk of Time for Tales and Tea

Interviews & Guest Posts

  • Nicole of Thoughts Stained With Ink had a chat with Andrea Stewart, author of The Bone Shard Daughter
  • Author Gareth Hanrahan stopped by Timy’s blog Queen’s Book Asylum to talk about the inspiration behind his new book The Sword Defiant
  • The Fantasy Hive have an author spotlight for Callan J. Mulligan this week


What’s better than a month full of fantasy? Giveaways of course! At the moment the main one is run by Annemieke, who is giving away a custom bookmark, and you can find the information here. There is more to come, however, so keep an eye on your hosts’ blogs for upcoming chances to win goodies!


A few other notes before you go back to your adventuring:

If any of your posts have been missed, please don’t feel slighted! We try and catch everything, but if it’s not been added to our Master Schedule we can’t keep track of things as easily. If you just add links on there we will add your post to the next roundup!

We’re active on Discord this year, and if you haven’t joined us then do get in touch with one of the hosts to be added.

Please remember to always credit the artists for the Wyrd & Wonder artwork if you use it in a post. You can find the info for that at the bottom of any of the hosts’ blog posts!

That’s it, happy reading and we’ll see you next week!


Portal by Tithi Luadthong

The gorgeous artwork has been licensed for use for this event online. You are welcome to use the banners on your Wyrd and Wonder posts, but please make no changes and always credit the artist(s).

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