Wyrd And Wonder

Conjuring Plans: Announcing Wyrd & Wonder 2023

It’s almost that time of year again! The month of May sees the sixth annual celebration of Wyrd & Wonder, and we are putting together quests and mysterious prophecies to lead you on your adventures. Will you take up sword, wand, and cloak and join our party?

But before I get ahead of myself… Wyrd & Wonder is an online event taking place throughout the entire month of May, and it celebrates all things fantasy – books are the main event, but we’re not picky! Bring your films, TV series, video games, artwork, and anything else you can think of, as long as it has that otherworldly twist to it. It’s an amazing opportunity to just dive into the genre by sharing our recommendations, book reviews, deep-dives, and book tags across blogs, instagram, twitter, TikTok, booktube, and wherever you make your home! It’s also a great way to get to know likeminded people, and most of my bookish friends come from participating in the event.

If you already know what I’m talking about, welcome back and expect more of the usual shenanigans from myself and the other lovely hosts Imyril, Lisa, Jorie, and Annemieke (make sure you’re following them all to avoid missing any fun stuff). If this is your first time hearing about this and it sounds exciting but you don’t quite know what you’re committing to, never fear. We love our first time adventurers (this is only my third year!) and there is no expectation. You can post as much or as little as you like, and we’ll still consider you a member of the party; maybe you have tons of ideas and you want to post every day, or maybe there is just one book you really want to shout about, but either way we’ll love having you along. We’ve already got a brand new sign up form, so what are you waiting for?

Last year we had a special theme for our fifth year running, which was wood, and we went all out on all things wood-related fantasy, but this year we’re keeping it broader and our theme will be magic! Between the five of us, we realised that we interpret that as lots of different things, so we can’t wait to see what everyone else makes of it… and, of course, there is no need to stick to a theme. It’s just there to give you inspiration! And to help in that regard, we also have at least one readalong, a book bingo, a photo challenge over on our instagram page, and a few other prompts to help you plan your posts.

So spread the word, tell your friends, pack your bags, because we’re going on an adventure! We have some awesome graphics this year, with not one but TWO designs that I am very excited about. So fly the flag with us, and remember to credit the artist!


Witch by astromoali

Portal by Tithi Luadthong

The gorgeous artwork has been licensed for use for this event online. You are welcome to use the banners on your Wyrd and Wonder posts, but please make no changes and always credit the artist(s).

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