Book Tag: The Last Book I…

It’s been a while since I did a book tag, and when I saw this one over at the Bookforager’s blog, and then ZeZee With Books also had a go, and I simply had to join in! The tag originates with Becky at Becky’s Book Blog, and it was adapted from an instagram post, creator unknown! Let’s dive in!

The last book I bought

For myself, I bought a copy of the highly anticipated debut by Shauna Lawless: The Children of Gods and Fighting Men. And yesterday I picked up a copy of Timberdark by Darren Charlton for my brother, because he and I both loved Wranglestone.

The last book I borrowed

My manager has a proof copy of Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson and I couldn’t resist borrowing it! It was so good, mind blown, review to come soon!

The last book I was gifted

Being a bookseller with easy access to all the books I could want, I don’t tend to be gifted many books, but publishers very kindly send me review copies sometimes. The latest of these – and one of the most exciting – was City of Last Chances by Adrian Tchaikovsky. It is very promising!

The last book I gave to someone else

Don’t Forget to Scream by Marianne Levy… After reading this remarkable book on motherhood, I passed a copy on to my friend who has just had her first child.

The last book I started

I recently started This is Our Undoing by Lorraine Wilson, as I am buddy reading it with the dearest BookForager herself!

The last book I finished

This morning I whizzed through The Lost Girl King by Catherine Doyle, and was entranced! I’ve been struggling to focus on kids books recently, but Doyle’s writing is great and the story was very exciting! Review to come soon!

The last book I rated 5 stars

I cannot stop thinking of A Taste of Gold and Iron by Alexandra Rowland, and it definitely deserved 5 stars. A full review to come soon for this one as well, but I’ll just say that after an uncertain beginning, this book swept me off my feet.

The last book I rated 2 stars

I haven’t officially rated it, and it’s probably closer to 2.5 if I have to, but Dark Earth by Rebecca Stott was sadly disappointing. It had some really strong moments, some cool characters, and a great review by Lucy Holland, but I found it lacking and flat.

The last book I DNF’d

Through no fault of its own (probably), A Fatal Crossing just didn’t do it for me, especially as I’d just read the far superior Everyone in my Family Has Killed Someone and no other murder mystery could live up to being read straight after that… I may pick this up again eventually, but with so many books I want to read, I didn’t want to force myself through this one.

The last book I listened to

The Marlow Murder Club is great fun, and I really liked the narrator! I picked this one up because I got sent a copy of the second book, and thought listening would be a fun way to catch up on the first in the series!

What about you?

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