Wyrd And Wonder

It’s the final showcase: Wyrd & Wonder on Instagram

May has come and gone, and so another celebration of Wyrd and Wonder has come to an end. It’s been incredible, especially as it was our first official year on instagram, and we got to see all the awesome photos you guys put together throughout the month! My co-host Annemieke of A Dance With Books and I have been showcasing some every week, so it’s time for the final round up! This week, Annemieke is looking at #Throwback Thursday and ‘Wyrd and Wonderful’, while I show off your Rainbow Stacks, Book Spine Poetry, and Favourite reads.

You can see our previous posts here:

Annemieke: Post 1 | Post 2
Ariana: Post 1 | Post 2

Day 23: Rainbow Stacks

Day 29: Spine Poetry

Day 31: Favourite Wyrd & Wonder Read

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