Wyrd And Wonder

A Wyrd & Wonder Instagram Showcase: Week Two

We’re halfway through the month of May and the all the fantastical celebrations that come with it, and myself and Annemieke thought it was high time we took a look at all your wonderful posts on Instagram! If you’ve been following our account you’ll see the two of us have been sharing the prompt posts between us, and enjoying it immensely. You can see Annemieke’s showcase of everyone’s Best Laid Plans and 5 Star Fantasy Reads here, while I will be looking at Mythic, Undergods, and Weapon of Choice.

Day 6: Mythic

Day 8: Undergods

Day 11: Weapon of Choice

8 thoughts on “A Wyrd & Wonder Instagram Showcase: Week Two”

  1. Thanks for sharing all the Instagram pictures. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to participate as much as I’ve wanted to and I’m glad I can at least see everyone’s pictures.

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    1. You’re welcome! The beauty of the event is you can participate as much or as little as you like! I’ve definitely been busier than I expected so I haven’t done as much as I like but it’s cool to see what everyone else is up to!


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