SciFiMonth: Remote Moon Reads

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I haven’t done nearly enough posts as I’d like for this year’s SciFiMonth but I’m loving everyone else’s and I’m definitely fully immersed into my sci-fi reading. One thing I definitely wanted to get to was the SF edition of Desert Island Reads, aka Remote Moon Reads, put together by imyril at There’s Always Room for One More. You can see her post about the rules over here if you would like to join in, but essentially we get to choose eight books/audiobooks, a podcast/TV show/movie (of which we get all episodes, films in a series), and a personal luxury item. This was definitely harder than the fantasy version, because I’m still a newbie SF reader, so I think a few of these will be things I’ve been wanting to get to for a while. What better place to catch up on your TBR than a remote moon in a distant galaxy?

My eight books
  1. The Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis – a comfort reread, especially since I have the very attractive 75th anniversary edition which contains all three books: Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength. I think CS Lewis’ sci-fi book is underrated, and though it has an old fashioned style to it now, it’s still incredibly readable and sucks me in immediately. Plus the fantastical planets and the incredible descriptions of moving through space itself will occasionally come to mind at random times and make me smile. I definitely need this book with me!
  2. A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine – this one has been on my TBR for about a year now, and I suspect it’s one I’ll love very much so it has to come with me.
  3. Sinopticon, translated and edited by Xueting Christine Ni – I read imyril’s interview with Xueting Christine Ni about this collection of translated Chinese sci-fi and I immediately added it to my TBR, and think it would be excellent company on a remote moon.
  4. Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel – I am obsessed with the concept of this book but it’s the one I was most hesitant about… what if it’s disappointing and I wasted a slot? The same could be said for any of the ones I haven’t actually read yet, though, so I’ll take a chance and bring it with me!
  5. Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey – specifically, the very pretty 10th anniversary edition I recently bought, because it’ll be a good read and pretty to look at. I’m almost at the end of season one of The Expanse on Prime and it’s made me very keen to get to the books, hopefully to discover some more world building and galactic politics details.
  6. Artifact Space by Miles Cameron – I read it earlier this year and it immediately became my absolute favourite book, so I’d happily just take this one and read it over and over. It’s incredible.
  7. All Systems Red by Martha Wells – I keep reading reviews of this and other Murderbot books, and I really want to know what the fuss is about.
  8. The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: The Trilogy of Four by Douglas Adams – another comfort read that I’ve been wanting to revisit. I don’t have the fifth book included in this volume but that’s okay because the story wraps up quite nicely after book four anyway.
My podcast/TV show/film

Oh, this is difficult. So many choices! I do love a podcast and I am currently listening to Welcome to Nightvale, which is more horror but I think has some sci-fi elements to it… I could also be tempted by the original Star Wars trilogy (maybe the prequels, never the sequels), but I think I’ll go for…. *dromroll please* Doctor Who! I’ve been wanting to get back into it, so the early seasons would be perfect comfort watches and the later seasons I haven’t seen before will be ideal fast-paced entertainment. I don’t see myself doing much reading with all those episodes to get through!

My comfort item

Since we are allowed power on this remote moon, I was tempted to bring my old Nintendo DS, but I think I’ll take the time to do some crafts while stranded, so I’ll bring along my bag full of yarn and crochet hook so I can finally finish the cozy blanket I’ve been working on, which will probably be quite useful when it’s complete!

What are you making sure you have with you on a remote moon?

ARTWORK by Liu Zishan from

QUOTE from Babylon’s Ashes by James S A Corey

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