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Top Ten Tuesday: Give the Sidekick Some Love

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic, and you compile ten books that fit the theme. You can find more information here.

I am definitely guilty of falling in love with the side characters in novels, especially in SFF, so I’m excited that I get to talk about them for this TTT! I’m not entirely sure if there is something specific about a minor character that attracts me, but I think the thing they all have in common is the way they each walk that line of being incredibly badass and soft-hearted at the same time, and it causes me to think “wow I wish I could be them” at the same time as thinking “I wish they could just hold me”, with a bonus feeling of “I just wish I could hold them” when they have tragic events occur.

Skadi in The Witch’s Heart – grumpy, very skilled fighter, and constantly angry at the gods, but she will drop everything if Angrboda needs her.

Kettricken in Royal Assassin – a bit like Skadi in looks (from a cold country, blonde, skilled in weaponry), but much softer. She just wants her country and her husband’s country to prosper, and is a bit naive but do not cross her.

Sel in Legendborn – I know everyone loves Sel, and I really have to include him because I, too, fell under his spell. He was definitely a slow burn in terms of me liking him, because I – like the main character – thought he was terrible initially. Bonus points for William and Alice, though, because it’s hard to choose between the minor characters in this book – Tracy Deonn is incredibly skilled with her character work.

Dorcas in Artifact Space – I absolutely love Marca Nbaro, she’s a great main character, and Miles Cameron is also brilliant with his side characters, but Dorcas is definitely his best work. I watched an interview with the author recently, and he said his most challenging character to write was Dorcas because he didn’t want him to overpower Nbaro, and he needed to be a difficult character, but overall likeable, and he definitely succeeded. Please read Artifact Space, it’s a masterpiece.

Bhumika in The Jasmine Throne – a character who went from “who?” to “I don’t know if I like her…” to “she’s perfect, I must protect her.”

Nasuada in The Inheritance Cycle – in a book series that shaped my childhood, Nasuada is a character that I like more and more with each reread. When I was younger I was a bit blinded by the dragons and the elf love interest with a name similar to mine, but Nasuada’s cool and calm take over of her father’s rebellion, and her scene with the Trial of the Long Knives, seals her as the coolest.

Silas in Ten Low – the perfect soft-hearted rogue, he just wants to smuggle stuff and travel the universe.

Os in Sistersong – I’m emotional about the big man with massive brute strength and no ability to communicate normally, who loves the small, distracted, pretty one.

Kris in Shards of Earth – she’s a space lawyer and also really good at knife fights?? What’s not to love??

Dinyl in The Tide Child Trilogy – another author who is brilliant at all his characters, and Dinyl is the perfect companion to both Joron and Maes, and I need to reread these books to appreciate this man fully once more.

Okay, I’ve made myself slightly emotional over a few of these, but there we are! What are some of your favourite side characters? Feel free to cry or gush in the comments!

1 thought on “Top Ten Tuesday: Give the Sidekick Some Love”

  1. Love your list! I’m very happy to see Dinyl on it! He might be my favorite character in that series, although there are many good characters to choose from. I also agree with you on Kettricken. She has a tough time in Royal Assassin, and she really doesn’t deserve it.
    Legendborn is on my TBR and I keep hearing how great this Sel-person is, so I’m thinking I need to get to it soon.


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