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June Update

Hello fellow readers! We are now about halfway through June, and halfway through the year (help!) and the Book Nook has been quiet, especially in comparison to our flurry of posts in May, during which I was taking part in Wyrd And Wonder. Since then, I’ve moved into my first apartment with my husband, so it’s been quite busy and I haven’t had that much time to read or write – either blog posts or my own fiction. Never fear, though! I’m getting back into things slowly. The main thing that moving has shown me in terms of books is that I have too many unread ones. I knew this in theory but seeing all my books together for the first time was eye opening – some of them have been in boxes for years and I decided to do something about it.

Me and my new sci-fi and fantasy bookshelf

This year has been quite focused on new releases for me, which is hard not to do when you’re so involved in the community and can see everyone’s excitement for upcoming books, and when you can request some of those on NetGalley (and when you’re a bookseller and publishers send you free books – how am I supposed to say no to that??). But as I catch up with my ARCs I’m setting myself another goal: every month from July I want at least two of my reads to be backlist ones, so that I can give my poor books the attention they deserve. In some cases, I already know I’ll be reading and then unhauling, because I have to clear space for future books somehow! I highly doubt I’ll be reviewing all of them, but I’m sure some of them will find their way onto the blog.

In terms of reviews, these are the ARCs I’ve got upcoming up until August, and I’m very excited! I’m currently coming to the end of Death & Croissants and I can’t wait to share my review with you all.

I’ll also be sharing a fun Top Ten Tuesday tomorrow so you can have a look at some of my non-ARC upcoming reads. I’m sure I’ll be overly-ambitious as always, and I don’t always like to stick to a specific reading order but it’s nice to have a few options lined up!

In other exciting news my dear sister and co-blogger Gemma will be back with her own reviews soon! I know it can be easy to forget that there are two of us who run the Book Nook, since it’s been a lot of me lately, but Gemma has just finished her second year at university and plans on spending the summer with her non academic books, so expect some posts from her soon!

What is the second half of your reading year looking like? See any books on my ARC list or bookshelf that makes you excited?

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