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Last year I swapped over from Goodreads to The StoryGraph to track my reading, and I’ve absolutely loved it. It’s got a polished look, is user friendly, has so many more features and is adding more every week, has personalised recommendations, and isn’t owned by Amazon. Seriously, I can’t recommend it enough! It also lets you import your Goodreads library so you don’t have to worry about inputting everything again. It also comes with an app, which you can download by adding the webpage to your Home Screen, after which it will function as an app rather than a saved website. All this to say, that when I saw this post that shows off all The StoryGraph’s snazzy features from blogger Amber at The Literary Phoenix, I decided to join in. I hope others will too!

Section One: The Homepage

What books show in “Your Recommendations”?

These change every time you refresh the homepage, so if you’re looking for some random suggestions that still fit into your reading preferences this will be your friend. I’ve added a lot of books to my TBR this way.

What books show in “Your To-Read Pile”?

Again, these will change every time you refresh the homepage, showing books that you’ve marked as “To Read”. If you click on “Search and Filter” you can filter by genre, mood, pace, tags, page length, publication year, and whether you own the book or not. It’s great for when you don’t know what to read next!

What shows in the “Currently Reading” box?
What shows in the “On the StoryGraph” box?

This box changes every day, I think. I don’t always pay too much attention to it, as it’s one of the things that isn’t customised to individual tastes, but gives people a way of seeing what’s being added or what else might be out there. Sometimes a title catches my eye and I’ll look into it, and I’ve added a few books to my TBR this way.

Section Two: Your StoryGraph

According to The StoryGraph, what types of books do you read?
What books are in your “Read Recently”?
What are your “5 ⭐ Reads”?

These change every time you refresh the “Your StoryGraph” page, and you can see all the books you’ve given a 5 star rating to. In my case, it’s made me more aware of what I 5-star, because I realise it’s something that might pop up again, and I want it to be deserving.

What are your “Books Tagged”?

One thing I did initially miss about Goodreads was the lack of “Bookshelves” but then StoryGraph added the tags feature, which pretty much serves the same purpose. I haven’t played around with them too much, because I’ve found I don’t need them as much with the incredible filtering system the website has, but it’s still fun! These also refresh every time.

Are you participating in any “Reading Challenges”? If so, how is it going?

I’m being boring, and am only doing the general yearly goal, but there are other options too. You can set up your own, join someone else’s, join some of the StoryGraph prepared ones, or even set up a pages goal for the year, which doesn’t really appeal to me, but I’ve seen a lot of people do it.

Which books populate the “Owned Books” box?

Section Three: Stats

For this year so far, what are your top three moods?

At the moment it seems to be adventurous (which will always be the top one, I think), reflective, and dark, but that might change.

What pace are you favouring this year?

I think medium might remain my main pace forever. It’s the perfect way to go!

What page-number set do you lean toward?

If anything this just lets me know that I’m not reading enough giant fantasy tomes. Must make amends!

Are you a fiction or non-fiction person?

As you might know from my reviews, I’m mainly a fiction person, but I do enjoy a good non-fiction read, especially before bed, and I’m trying to read more non-fiction this year, which isn’t made easier by the amount of good fiction on my TBR.

What are your top genres so far?

Unsurprisingly, Fantasy reigns, but it seems I’ve been more varied than I thought, and it’s only March!

How is your number of books and pages chart looking?

Nothing too exciting to see at the moment, but it’ll be interesting to look at the end of the year chart, especially to see how things change when I go back to work in April.

What is your average rating for the year so far?

I’ve read some really good books this year already!

So there you have it! If you already have a StoryGraph account, I tag you in this challenge and I’d love for you to share your username, so I can have more bookworms to follow. My username is queenmackenzie, for anyone who might want to follow. For those who don’t have a StoryGraph, I hope this shows you the basics and entices you to move across!

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